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The Infinity range of vending equipment offers full function and features with the value Seaga is known for around the world. The Infinity range offers ambient and refrigerated merchandising with endless product and location possibilities.

  Infinity vending machines with 5 wide configuration by Seaga  

Designed with your profits in mind, Infnity vending equipment includes our LED lighting system. This revolutionary lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours - that saves you time and money over replacing fluorescent tubes that only last 1/10th of this time. You'll make more money, too - the brilliant glow of the LED system has reportedly increased location sales up to 12%.

Our Seaga Smartware equipment management software will also save you time and money. Adjust all aspects of your equipment right from your desktop PC, send the Seaga Smartcard out to your locations and have no expensive technician costs for adjustments. The power of Seaga Smartware is not to be believed!

The possibilities are endless with the Infinity range of vending equipment.

Seaga Smartware for
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